Monday, January 18, 2010


So this used to be a fashion blog, a way for me to communicate fashion tips to my oh-so-loyal followers - of which there is one. [Thanks for your ever-constant, unfailing adoration Natalie :) ]
Well, I'm kinda hoping for this to change. Strangely, I don't actually want people I know reading this. (With the exception of Natalie and any other SJS friends). But complete strangers? Now that's perfectly fine.
I digress. Anyways.
Then it turned into a very short lived blog on venting my feelings towards the media in general. Incredibly short lived. Afterwards, it was a forum onto which I could publish pictures I needed to clip places. Lame.
I finally realized my problem. Much too complicated. Simplify, Juls, simplify.
Which leads us to the (new)purpose of my blog. A sort of online diary. Just blog about my life like so many other people do and well, I might add. So, thats what I shall do. I am an okay-ish, fair sort of writer. This might help, I think. So whoever is reading this right now, guess what? You all get to be a part of my educational experience! Exciting? Oh yes. You are so very welcome.
Now, I do so solemnly swear (I am up to no good! Shout out to my fellow HP fans) I will not, not, NOT bore you with the unimportant trivial details of my teenage life. I will try my hardest to only include the interesting things. And i am going to very hard to try and find those interesting things. Very hard. I shall spare you, I swear.
So this is my blog, like it or leave it. (You may exit the building by clicking on the very conveniently located red X in the top right corner of your screen).
This is my life for what it is worth, my dears.
This is The Way I See It.
Enjoy :)


Nata said...

LOL ok juls! :) sounds great! haha I'll still read it! ♥