Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Well, Spring is in the air. Unfortunately, so is a bunch of other crap.

Hi guys,
Its March. Thank goodness. I am ready for some spring weather. After the dreary months of cold, dark winter, it feels good to see the sun :)
They say March comes in like a lion, and out like a lamb. I am hoping that applies to my life right now. 'cause some crazy stuff is going on and not the good kind of crazyy either.
But that's not important. I am an optimist. I do not dwell on the bad, but bask in the good :)
Some good things being:
~the weather
~my friends
~Mock Trial Trip
~drivinggg :)

SO yeah, I am going on a trip to Columbus tomorrow with my Mock Trial team. The seniors are actually competing, we are just "watching & learning".
We meaning, me and one other girl.
But hey, we get out of school, so why not.
We are staying overnight and it is going to be epic. I am really excited :D
Pics, maybe? If you reaaalllly want them :)

Anyway, thats about it. I know its not a lot, but hey, according to NPR, teenagers brains aren't even fully hooked up yet. So if I do something ADD, i have an official fully-blown excuse endorsed by National Public Radio. for the WIN.
so there,
Ever seen My Life as Liz? On MTV? Well she signs everything, Love & Rockets, Liz.
I need something like that.

Love & Licorice,
Juls :)

I'll work on it, aiight?


Nata said...

sounds super cool! and funn!!! :) happy spring<3!
haha love and licorice--lol.